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If You wish seeing a unique nature monument - a sulphur spring - you must go to Sloka Lake. This sulphur spring perhaps will not look like something special to you, but the ride is really nice.

If you are a little bit into adventures, you may be willing to continue on... Bushy and sometimes very picturesque trail continues way to the direction of Jaunkemeri beach. Along the way you will see Vecslocene forest mire - unusual, beautiful forest of black alder with slow river winding through it. Looks almost like in tropical jungle!

This route can be made separately, but it could be part of your way to Jaunkemeri beach.

If there have been heavy rains, it may happen that the second part of the route - pathway through the forest along Sloka Lake - would be not really passable.

Distance from Kemeri railway station to Sloka Lake - 4,5 km. Trail trough the swamp forest extends for another 2 km.

In the beginning you should drive through Kemeri, after some 2 km you will see brown signpost pointing to Sloka Lake. You should drive where it points.

If you are coming from the direction of the "Forest house"- get to the Jaunkemeri road and turn left. The sign is about 200 m away.

You should drive only staight, along Dunu cels (Mud road - here was transported healing mud from Sloka Lake to health resort).

In the beginning you will pass along a few ugly buildings, then the forest will start.

Going wron way is not possible- there is just one way that hits Sloka lake.

There is small car parking site at the lake , place for fire and a floating bird watching tower. The latter could be really interesting for your kids.

Kemeri National Park has also installed an information plate.

Nearby you can look at natural, intact sulphur spring flowing into lake.

At this moment you have got choices - to turn just back, to go to Kudra or to continue the road through the forest towards Jaunkemeri.

If you select the option to go to Jaunkemeri, go back some 100 m from the lake and you will notice wooden sign, which points to a pathway going in forest. Follow along it.

Drive will not be that smooth. But in some places landscape is pretty.

Part of the time you will be driving on the elevated boardwalk- be really careful. This can be really tricky or has even turned out to be impossible for beginners.

Watch for other people and do not fall down (or rather- off the trail).

Please note- there are ticks sitting in grass and shrubs along the pathway - you have to check the dress afterwards.

Kemeri National Park has built bridge over Vecslocene. Here you have got a fine view on primeval swamp forest.

Cross the bridge carefully- that would not be a good idea to fall in the river :)

Further you will re two cross-roads.

At the first crossroad you have a choce to make a shortcut to a half-way to Jaunkemeri. If you are about to go there, follow the direction to Melnezers.

In case you want to return to the Mud road and/or to Kemeri, continue your trip following the trail (Taka).

After a while there will be another cross-road.

Turning rignt will soon lead you to the Jaunkemeri road closer to Kemeri town and you will be able to return using the asphalt road.

If you will decide to turn left, you will cross the river again and eventually hit the Mud road approx 700 m away from the Sloka lake.

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